GSEZ Ports: A New open door for all your opportunities


GSEZ Ports is the management and development company for the new port infrastructures located in the Owendo area. It is one of the subsidiaries of GSEZ resulting from the public-private partnership between Olam International, the Gabonese Republic and Africa Finance Corporation.

We have invested more than US $ 500 million in a public-private partnership for the construction and development of two new port infrastructure for economic diversification and cost-of-living reduction in the last two years : A mineral harbor of 45 hectares (gained over the sea) built in less than one year and already in operations and a commercial port (containers and General Cargo) expected to be operational sinceĀ April 2017, after an 18-month work site .

Long time constrained by costly logistics options, the new facilities set up by GSEZ Ports make Gabon a regional reference for imports and exports of raw materials and goods.

The first containers (20 feet) to be unloaded on the new Port of Gabon.
A great step in the economic history of our country.