Ali Bongo Ondimba addresses his congratulations to Emmanuel Macron


French people have just carried you to the Supreme office of your country to govern the destinies of France during five next years.

In this happy circumstance, it is particularly pleasant for me, in the name of the Gabonese People, of the government of the Republic  and of my own, to address my sincere congratulations on your election.

I am also pleased to express to you my warmest wishes for success in fulfilling your new responsibilities, particularly in the implementation of your political program at the service of the French Friend People. I would also like to take this opportunity to express to you the importance which my country attaches to the old friendship which so happily unites our two peoples.

In this regard, I express my readiness to work with you in the consolidation of our various partnerships. Finally, I welcome your international commitments, particularly with regard to the challenge of climate change in which my country assumes its role.

By renewing my congratulations,

Mr President of the Republic, the assurance of my highest consideration.