CIMA inaugurates its new headquarters in Libreville


After more than a decade of homelessness through the Gabonese capital, the Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets (CIMA) now has its own headquarters. The ceremony marking the beginning of this new era was recorded on 7 August 2017 by the Prime Minister of Gabon, Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet, in the presence of the President of the CIMA Council of Ministers, the Togolese Sani Yaya.

With an estimated cost of CFAF 6 500 000 000, the construction of this new headquarters was made possible thanks to a loan contracted with the companies of insurers and reinsurers located in the 14 States of the CIMA zone. This new building builds in the administrative center of the Gabonese capital occupies a total area of ​​2,482 sqm. It measures about thirty meters high and includes a ground floor and seven levels with a basement of 900 m².

Speaking at the ceremony, CIMA Secretary-General Nchare Issofa of Cameroon said that « the first honors are with the Gabonese State, without which this project of siege would never have seen the light of day ». The CIMA States reaffirm their commitment to pursue the challenge they set themselves when the organization was set up on 10 July 1992 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The President of the CIMA Council of Ministers, Sani Yaya, also expressed his satisfaction and acknowledged the involvement of the Gabonese authorities in the successful completion of this project. « This building represents a powerful tool of work and, above all, regional integration. Finally, it testifies to the unfailing commitment of the Gabonese authorities to the proper functioning of the CIMA. « , did he declare.

By putting an end to this ceremony, Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet wished that this new tool could allow the CIMA to boost its functioning and performance. « Having an ideal and pleasant working environment, I remain convinced that this new infrastructure will galvanize the staff and push the General Secretariat towards more efficiency », he concluded.