Experts of the FMI on mission in Libreville


It is in a context marked by difficulties in the banking sector in Gabon that a mission of the regional technical assistance center of the FMI in Central Africa (AFRITAC Center) will be in Libreville from 26 June 2017, The effect of improving the process of control of banking institutions.

The FMI experts in this center intend to equip the permanent control and microfinance departments with a better structuring of their operating procedures, which will allow to improve the relevance, rigor and efficiency of the control processes And will contribute to the reinforcement of the homogeneity of practices.

AFRITAC-Center’s second meeting in Libreville, after the one in April, focuses on the proper use by banks of Sysco 2, the rating system of banks according to their risk profile. It is a question of whether this tool allow¬†to ensure effective implementation of risk-based supervision; The experts will also determine control priorities based on the assessment of the risk level of the country’s banking institutions during their stay.

This mission, which brings together all of CEMAC’s banking institutions, aims to equip Gabon and the countries of the subregion with a sound banking system capable of financing the economy by keeping an eye on risks. This will improve the financial environment, while economic agents will be able to decide on their long-term operations.