Fespaco 2017/concours of pitch:Pauline Mvélé wins the 1st documentary prize


Gabonese filmmaker Pauline Mvélé was awarded the first documentary prize for her development project « Le nganga blanc » on March 2, 2017, at Fespaco 2017.

The only Gabonese work in the race for the second edition of the pan-African contest « le marathon du pitch » (Summary), in French, out of 82 candidatures, Pauline Mvélé’s « Nganga blanc » attracted the jury of producers, distributors and distributors And journalists.

« Le nganga blanc » is a documentary project conceived around the life and the course of Hugues Obiang Poitevin. It is a Frenchman who has initiated, for almost forty years, in initiation tourism, after his initiation in Bwiti, a traditional cult that is based on the sacred wood, iboga. « I am going from a questioning of how a European can be so imbued with a culture that is not his own, to the point of becoming master in this culture. I will go to meet him, I will follow him in his temple to know how and why he arrived in Gabon, how the idea of ​​being initiated was germinated, « explained Pauline Mvélé.

Registered in the documentary category with 17competitor projects, the scenario writer knew to defend her ideas at the time of the eliminatory meeting in the international center of conferences of Ouaga 2000, to offer a final during which, she offered to the members of jury more refined presentation of her project in 6minutes, giving a better idea of the project.

This marathon is open to authors, directors or producers present at Fespaco. It is based on the presentation of twenty to thirty projects in development (cinema or television). It has three categories: fiction, documentary and television.

« It’s an OIF price that allowed me to have a producer, we pitch in front of a hundred people. I am satisfied with my participation in Fespaco as a filmmaker because anyone who works in the cinema, whether she has a film or not, should seek to participate in Fespaco. It is a beautiful and great platform to make itself known and make known its work, « assured the filmmaker