Forbidden to import cement in Gabon for 2 years


Gabonese Prime Minister Emmanuel Issozé Ngondet signed on 19 July a decree banning the import of cement into Gabon for two years in order to protect local industry.

The order was taken in consultation with several ministries, notably the Ministry for the Promotion of Private Investment, Trade, Tourism and Industry, the Ministry of Economy, Foresight and Development Programming, as well as The Ministry of Mines.

The Government explains that the decision will protect local jobs, consumers and investors.

According to the Directorate-General for the Economy and Fiscal Policy (DGEPF), cement production, which amounted to 146,590 tons in 2015 compared with 161,347 tons in 2014, fell by 9.1% Due to the contraction in demand from construction companies and competition from imports.

The reduction in the workforce from 15.1% to 158 employees in 2015 is linked to the restructuring of Cimgabon, following the takeover of its assets by the Moroccan Cement Group of Africa (CIMAF). This led to a contraction of the payroll of 54.4% to CFAF 2.1 billion.