Gabon sets up unemployment benefit


To combat unemployment, which affects about 120 000 Gabonese, that is to say 20% of the active population, of which just over 30% among young people, the authorities have decided to grant a financial allowance to the unemployed. For example, a worker who loses his or her job will be entitled to claim the unemployment benefit for a period of time in order to find a new job.

In addition to this possibility offered by the new social security code, the government has also adopted the creation of an unemployed savings account as well as a fund for solidarity and activation of employment.

According to the data published by the World Bank, the working population of Gabon was established with 645,000 individuals, that is to say more than 50% of the population since 1990. These statistics represent the increasing year evolution by year of the layers into age to work.

For the government, it acts by this innovation,to fight against growing poverty and the degradation of the standard of living of thepopulations.