Independence Day: Ali Bongo launches the concept « Gabon 9 provinces »


For the celebration of the 57th anniversary of Gabon’s independence, the head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba, inaugurated on 7 August 2017 the concept « Gabon 9 provinces » at the Botanical Garden of Libreville, The celebration of the cultural diversity of the country during this event.

This manifestation which is the materialization of the President of the Republic’s will to show the cultural richness and potential of the country, in order To Put on the rails the means to pour its valorization, will spread Theme this year « Celebrate our independence to the rhythm of our Traditions and Identities « .

According to the presidency of the Republic, « Gabon 9 provinces » is the continuation of the 13th edition of the celebration of the cultures celebrated last July. « The identity of a past passes through culture; It is through this kind of exhibition that we know where we come from, what we know and what we are, but always with a strong sense of belonging. « Recalls the Head of State.

Offices During nine days of enhancement of the material heritage, tradition and cultural identity of Gabon, ACTORS of each province’s performances will give their cultural area, from noon to midnight. Through dance, culinary art, plastic arts, sculpture, storytelling, etc., Gabon will be deeply involved in telling lectures, theme nights, concerts and parades of all kinds.

It will also be an opportunity at a time when the country is looking for ways and means to diversify the productive base, to give a commercial and economic perspective to this sector whose capacity to absorb labor Unexplored, notably through self-employment and manufacturing services.

For the Head of State, « the initiative is commendable and allows our people to appreciate what our artists can do in all areas. The identity of a country depends on culture « .