Launch of the « Green Classes » project


Intended to cause the vocations in the trades of agriculture in the young people, the pilot phase of this agricultural project was launched on April 28th, in the commune of Owendo.

The Minister for the Agriculture and his colleague of National education launched, on April 28th at Owendo, the pilot phase of the project “Green Classes. This one in particular aims at causing the vocations in the trades of agriculture by introducing in the young people the basic concepts of biological productions, but also to share the heritage of the soil as regards the fruit and vegetables.

Envisaged to start at the time of the school year 20172018, the project will also allows to make pupils, excellent relays near the parents to support the collective emulation. Phase 1 of the project, the first year, will focus primarily on Libreville and its surrounding areas. Phase 2, the second year and beyond, will be implemented throughout the national territory.

In addition, the educational component of this project is divided into eight objectives: to educate children in agriculture through a practical and playful activity: the garden; To teach learners a brief historical overview of agriculture, in general, and Gabon in particular; Make students aware of the different types of agriculture.

The ambition of this project is to make children aware of the fundamentals and importance of agriculture, certain plant species and their different phases of evolution, but also the origin of the foods that they find in their plate. Finally, in this pedagogical section, we will also discuss the management of water through its use in the school garden.