Post-election crisis : A mission of CPI in libreville


The International Criminal Court (CPI) sends factfinding mission on the opening of preliminary examination on the situation in Gabon. The delegation of CPI during its stay which relates to violences for the period postélectorale, will meet the authorities of Justice, Defense, the Interior, the members of the civil society, the diplomatic missions as well as journalists.

This mission follows Gabon’s request to shed light on possible crimes committed during the events of 31 August to 2 September 2016, within the jurisdiction of the Court.

CPI will examine the elements placed at its disposal in order to establish the existence or not war crimes, crimes against humanity or of genocide, concerned with its competence, and will decide later opening or not of an investigation. It also will make sure that these acts are already the object of investigation by the local authorities and the qualification of the facts, in order to see whether their gravity is sufficient so that one opens an investigation which serves the interests of justice.

A many damage was perpetrated following the proclamation of the results of the presidential election of August 27th, 2016 by armed bands.A situation which caused losses in human lives, burnt stores as well as public buildings,ransacked and vandalized trade.