President Ali Bongo will take part in the Summit of State Arabic and Islamic in Riyadh


The head of state of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, has agreed to participate in Saudi Arabia’s Summit of Arab and Islamic states from May 20 to 21, according to a source close to the Gabonese presidency.

During this meeting, more than 40 leaders whose majority come from the Islamic countries will exchange their points of view on the threats related on the extremism and terrorism, just as the means of spreading the values of tolerance and of peaceful coexistence between the people.

This displacement of Ali Bongo Ondimba in Saudi Arabia will also allow to strengthen the economic cooperation between Riyadh and Libreville. Gabon which launched out in the diversification of its economy is in search of direct foreign investments, according to the same source.

Gabon and Saudi Arabia have maintained the diplomatic agreement and friendly relations for more than four decades.