Process of Kimberley: a mission of experts in Libreville


A mission of experts of the Process of Kimberley remains in Libreville from September 11th to September 15th, for the purpose of helping the country to adhere to the Process of Kimberley, presented like an international mode of certification of unworked diamonds joining together governments,industrialists and civil society.
The mission aims thus to audit and evaluate the system set up allowing the application of the various procedures and protocols of management and followup of the activity of the sector diamond Gabon.

For the Gabonese government, implementing the Kimberley Process certification will encourage three main aspects. First control and increase and production of diamonds by local craftsmen.

Secondly, the arrival of major international mining and trading groups, as well as the development of investments in the sector. And, finally, the capture and optimization of the financial revenues derived from the exploitation of the diamonds of Gabon.