the government promises 30,000 employment, by 2019


 In order to give substance to the objectives of the Economic Recovery Plan (ERP) adopted by the Government on 19 May, the Gabonese authorities decided to create 30,000 jobs in various fields over the period 2017-2019.

The jobs to be created will have to be in the sectors of the digital economy, construction, mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture, forestry, tourism, among others.

This objective is in line with the objectives of the Gabonese authorities, which aim to bring the country’s growth to a threshold of 6%, that of the period 2010-2014, over the next two years, and reduce poverty per 100 000 Economically weak.

As a reminder, the implementation of the contingency plan drawn up in collaboration with the FMI is based on the balancing of public finances by falling below 3%, as regards the public deficit, and the return to the threshold Debt strategy set by the State.

Moreover, the revival and the diversification of the economy, the optimization of the revenues from taxes and the mobilization of the resources, the identification and the intensification of the activities in the sectors carrying growth constitute, inter alia, the points of anchoring of this plan.