The Jazzman Frederic Gassita gives one of his very rare concerts on March 29 in Libreville


 The very talented Gabonese jazzman, Frédéric Gassita who very seldom occurs in public will give a concert on March 29th to the botanical garden in Libreville with the only costs of 25,000 FCFA, according to an announcement published in the Gabonese capital.

For this exit, Frédéric Gassita will be accompanied by the symphony orchestra the French soloists.

The Gabonese one and French invites the public to come transfers a fusion between the tradition bantu, the jazz and the European music.

The concert is organized by AFJ productionsand the Ministry for the Digital economy, the communication, the culture and arts.

One will need some 25,000 FCFA by anybody to benefit from these single moments, specify the organizers.

Frédéric Gassita is a pianist African composer with the multiple caps. Musician, music producer, producer of cinema and sportsman,he adds to his incredible course a strong friendship with the president of Gabon, Ali Bongo.

Formed in prestigious Berklee College of Musicof Boston, Frédéric Gassita is a pianist Gabonese composer as one sees little of it.The jazzman who counts 4 albums with his credit, is accompanied in his the last two albums sometimes by the philharmonic orchestra by London, sometimes of the Royal philharmonic orchestra. In his compositions, he combines his own history, his African roots, and  them rhythms which rock it since its more tender childhood. Its last opus ` Symphonic Visions from Gabon ` is like the original sound track of his history: he puts rhythm into the various stages of his life while paying homage to his native land, Gabon.