The Ministry of Digital Economy declines its priority action program


 Under immediate actions in the legislative and legal framework as well as the Digital Economy Plan, the Ministry of Digital Economy, Communication, Culture and the Arts, just to give his program Priority actions.

This program understands the launching of the program 1 student = 1 computer, there inforcement of the capacities of the ACE cable, in order to increase the capacities of the operators and to lower the costs of connection,the installation of transmitterreceivers on the whole of the national territory, the preparation of connections highspeed on the four cities which will host the event CAN 2017 and the launch of the second radio station (radio Gabon Music).

As regards legislative reforms, lawful and institutional, one will quote studies relating to the fusion of  ANINF and Remote transmission of Gabon (TDG), the reactivation of file TNT and the reform of the legal framework for his adaptation to the innovating finance mechanisms.

The ministry also discussed the finalization of the legislative package on the digital society, including the amendment of the law on the protection of personal data; electronic communications; standardization of connectivity buildings; digital development of the country and cybersecurity …

It goes there in the same way for the law creating Development fund of digital (FODEN)and the project of installation of a single login of the natural people, for purposes of the crossing of the 9 following databases: IBOGA,CNAMGS/CNSS, the Pay, ONE, Treasury,SEEG.