The Olam Group has invested nearly $ 40 million in the largest oil palm plant in Africa, in southern Gabon


With a production capacity of 90 tons of palm oil per hour, the industrial complex of Mboukou, located in Mouila, in the province of Ngounié (southern Gabon),constitutes the floret of the processing industry of this operator on the continent.

The factory whose construction started in December 2015, required the mobilization of 39.6 million dollars. It annually produces 138,700 tons of palm oil.

For this plantation located 19 kilometers from the provincial capital of southern Gabon, the Singaporean group has a concession of 100,000 hectares, divided into three lots, of which 38,300 hectares are already planted.

In the coming weeks, the agro-industrial multinational, which employs 5365 workers, including 1672 women, will cover an additional 5000 hectares of oil palm.

Concerning the workers,Because the group which is now the second employer after the Gabonese state supports  the nationals will compensate this expert testimony, at the conclusion of the transfer of competence.