The rising costs for students, « it is not the sea to drink »


The big raise and sudden, as of the nearest reentry, of the registration fee and schooling at the university causes a polemic in Gabon. The university rector  affirms that the increase was necessary and will be painless,the students and their representatives denounce a brutal measurement.

The decree published at the end of July by the Ministry of Higher Education of Gabon provoked a real outcry, and for good reason: the increase in the fees for university enrollment, which will come into force as of next coming, is very strong .

Students from the 1st to the 3rd year will have to pay 9,000 CFA francs instead of the 5,000 CFA francs in force until then (from 7.62 euros to 13.72 euros). For Master’s students, the invoice goes from 20,000 to 75,000 CFA francs (from 30.49 euros to 114.34 euros), and it will cost 75,000 CFA francs to enter the doctoral cycle.

The ministerial decree also provides for a substantial increase in tariffs for salaried students, who must now pay between 650,000 and 1 million CFA francs (990 euros and 1,500 euros) to register.

« It’s an unfair decision »

The first salvo against this decree was drawn Friday, August 4, by ONG Educaf, at the time of a press conference. It is not question of thinking that it is on the poor back of the child,stripped, that they will build the schools. It is an unjust decision, then denounced Geofroy Foumboula Lébika,president d Educaf.